My whirlwind week in the UK 

By Japhet Makau (CEO of MBF, Tanzania)
Posted by Five Talents 14 February 2015 13:03:00
Five Talents invited me to visit supporters and prospective supporters in the UK between 9-14th February 2015. The first objective of my trip to London was to officially receive an award on behalf of the Mama Bahati Foundation (MBF) for... read more

Life as an intern....blowdrying coffee beans and other misadventures 

By Hannah Wichmann
Posted by Five Talents 13 February 2015 09:48:00
When I arrived in the Five Talents office on my first day I had very little idea of what to expect. Over the next four months I learnt more and more about Five Talents’ work and did all sorts from helping man the New Wine stall to writing some new... read more

Meet the Team....Jacob Njeru (Embu, Kenya) 

Posted by Five Talents 12 February 2015 15:01:00
Jacob Njeru joined Embu Diocese Community Development Trust (EDCDT) in March 2013 as a volunteer. He later went on to secure a permanent role as a Data Analyst. His many responsibilities include compiling trust group reports, preparing budgets,... read more

Five Talents wins award for financial innovation 

07 January 2015 13:20:00 Categories: Events & opportunities
In December 2014, Five Talents won an award at the Financial World Innovation Awards, for our work with cashless and paperless microfinance in Tanzania. "Five Talents is a registered microfinance charity working in 12 countries including... read more
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